French President Emmanuel Macron is facing criticism from his own people after he acted as a 'photographer' for KPop group Blackpink and American pop star Pharrell Williams.

On the 25th (local time), Alexandre Arnault, vice president of jewelry brand Tiffany & Co., posted a picture of Blackpink members and Pharrell Williams posing and taking pictures on social media.

Arnault also tagged each person, and it turned out that the person taking the picture was none other than President Macron. Arnault also tagged '@emmanuelmacron' on the back of the 'photographer'.

However, French people are giving negative opinions to President Macron's appearance. Critical comments such as "President Macron should take care of the French instead" and "All French are lamenting, meanwhile the president is smiling" were posted on Macron and Pharrell Williams' pictures. 

The reason the French are reacting like this is because protests are taking place across France against the government's pension reform. On the 19th, 1.12 million people took part in protests in major cities such as Paris. The union said 2 million people were on the streets

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1. They have all their rights to hate this..ㅋㅋ

2. If you think about the other side, I can obviously understand their rage

3. Macro's wife also gets f*cking hated on over thereㅋㅋ..

4. I can understand the hateㅋㅋ

5. If you think this was our country, I can understand the anger

6. If France was in such a situation, I wouldn't be able to act like that 

7. He's crazy 

8. Wow they must be hating on him so much 

9. Still, he's better than that someone else

10. Wow this is right now?? For real he deserves the hate

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