Nowadays, the trend of these packed and thick brows is gone and almost all of them draw their eyebrows naturally

They are still just as much into the full brows look so the 'fluffy brow' became the trend

They sweep up their eyebrows like feathers to make them look fuller.

Some of them use brow gel or wax to hold it in place but a quite popular item for this has been soaps!

Soak the spoolie with water and rub it in soaps, brush it up so that the eyebrow texture is fixed. And then do the rest of the makeup

Apply the soap without washing it off. Keep it there for the whole day and remove it with the makeup later

There are also eyebrow soaps available but usually, they would just use cheap soaps

I think that it would make the eyebrows itchy but there's been a lot of positive reviews so I'm impressed....

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1. What are they gonna do about the forehead sweats?

2. Ohhh if they sweat from their forehead or that it rains, what are they gonna do if the soap goes into their eyes?

3. They are so passionate about their eyebrows...

4. They are honestly sincere about their eyebrows and eyelashes. Just like how sincere Koreans are about lips

5. Seriously, what an interesting countryㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. Wow so those eyebrows were the trend.. I used to think that NewJeans' Danielle's eyebrows were unique but she was doing the fluffy brows

7. But aren't thick eyebrows the trend? When I watch dramas, there are so many people with thick eyebrows

8. It will bubble

9. Their eyes must hurt when they sweat or if it rains

10. Is their skin ok?

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