There is no right answer in creative work. Even if someone interprets it differently than intended, you should not label them as being 'mentally ill'. However, when it comes to NewJeans, it feels like if you disagree with the intention behind their creative work, you are automatically in the wrong. 

In the music video for NewJeans' new single title song 'OMG', which was released on the 2nd, the members who became patients in a psychiatric hospital pour out their delusions. However, at the end of their wild and ingenious imagination, someone taking a jab at them in the dark remains. 

Someone was leaving a comment saying 'Am I the only one who is uncomfortable with the content of the music video? Idol music videos should be just about their dance and faces...' and the member arrived and said 'let's go' which drew nuances in the video. 

This is not simply labelling hate commenters as the 'bad guys'. Are words directed at the group or members, not slanderous, but rather opinions are treated as mental illness? In the music video itself, there are many scenes that also draw this inference. 

It begs the question whether they are not welcoming different opinions anda re only accepting of opinions that sympathize with hem. It should not be gratifying to prevent dissenting opinions and not even attempting to be open minded. 

People with opinions that do not suit their agenda are called mentally ill, and they are prematurely closing the door for differing opinion by stating that 'if you even attempt to think otherwise, even if you are right, you are ill'. They do not stop at only treating others as mentally ill, but these people are also becoming laughing stock 

Moreover, the appearance of this scene showed that the producers knew that the content had to be handled with care.

For those who are not satisfied with this music video, people can respond with a simple and easy meme saying "Let's go". Even if you try to explain the 'reason' of discomfort, people will simply label you as 'mentally ill' and not even attempt to listen to your opinion. 

It is true that hate comments should be punished and if you are sick, you need to visit the mental institute. However, the problem is why did they turn this into mockery?

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1. I agree with the article

2. I agree... Nowadays, the moment you share a slightly different opinion, people can't seem to make the nuance and automatically assume you're being negative just to shut you up. And they also call you mentally ill..

3. I honestly think that NewJeans is the most liked 4th gen idols out there and their image is also the best so the scene made me wonder "why are they randomly showing this..?" I really hope that this doesn't bring bad press on them ㅠ NewJeans fighting 

4. I agree witht hisㅋㅋㅋ And I really hope the producers of the videos talk for themselves instead

5. They can't make the distinction between criticism and hate and just cringe at everything. I bet they won't even read this short post either.. 

6. Whether the director's intentions were good or bad, right now, all the communities are talking about it and if you look at the reaction, I think they succeeded at whatever they were trying to do 

7. But it's true that hate commenters have mental illness
> No hate commenters are criminals

8. The article is right. Meanwhile the title is funnyㅋㅋㅋㅋ

9. The way this company is trying to make them go viral is so weirdㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Male communities are all busy burying down NewJeans' posts meanwhile, they're getting spread around here

10. I feel like the article is right 

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