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1. I enjoyed the survival show with Winner and iKON so it kinda reminds me of the dances of that time... I'm not sure about the individual member's dance skills but the composition reminds me of the old days

2. I really liked their vocals though

3. Their sunbaes and dancers are so good at dancing that I can't help but compare... This video is a few years old so I bet that the kids are much better now

4. I just feel like htey are a girl group dancing to a male group's choreo. Maybe that's their concept to be unisex?

5. Why do they somewhat look disharmonious? Why would they even upload this video? Is this part of their strategy...? Maybe they want us to think later on "oh they are actually good~"?

6. What's the reason for them to be uploading this...

7. The composition really feels old

8. The dancing is.... I feel like they would've been better off not posting this video. Did they not pick any dance member?

9. They don't have that destructive power that BP had when they came out. This is way too average. They look like kids who've been attending a dance academy for a few monthsㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

10. Their moves don't match the music

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