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1. Taeyeon is too pretty but I really hope that they do this group only up to this yearㅠㅠ

2. Taeyeon-ah... Taeyeon is just f*cking talented. Please listen to their side tracks too

3. Ah, so outdated... I keep thinking why SM is aways like that... Karina's vocalization for her rap is honestly bad. When I heard it, I found it so unpleasant. They gathered all these members together but nobody was able to save this with their charm so why even gather them here? SM is seriously so stubborn. At least, Seulgi and Taeyeon still look charming but even so, it lasted maybe for 1 second... what is this ㅋㅋ

4. I feel like SM cares more about their branding as a company than their singers... what is this... 

5. The vocals, the directing, they are both a bit weird

6. I liked it though...

7. The "baby baby" part at first was my favorite when they pre-leased it and even in the MV, it's still my favorite part

8. Yoo Youngjin, honestly, just retired... please stop

9. The song and lyrics are just the worst... how can they pick a song like this with these membesr

10. What's up with the song and lyrics? Both are way too tacky. Why are SM songs all like that nowadays? Also, I felt like they were trying so hard to save money on the MV. Then why even release this?;; And the machine sounds;...


I felt like I would cringe at the lyrics so I didn't even look at them but... just why is the meldy like this?? Who composed this? Nowdays, aside from RV's side tracks, they are honestly a mess; If a mid or small agency came out with this kind of beat, they would 100% fail

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1. [+49, -1]
The song kept going "koo koo" I thought that I had to check my rice cooker to see if the rice was ready...

2. [+43, -22]
Who is the biggest victim of GOT?? Isn't it RV? At least they are the only ones with constant song quality in SMㅋ

3. [+43, -3]
The melody was awful

4. [+32, -1]
After the first chorus, htey started doing "baby baby baby" and I was so taken aback

5. [+21, -1]
Because Taeyeon had to do this, she couldn't even make her repackage, open her concert, make her comeback and even recorded the song while being sichㅋㅋ f*ck

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