If it was Song Hyekyo, she would've just gotten criticism and hate

"Song Joongki ❤ Katy, started dating 4 months after divorce... why does it matter?"

"When you start dating isn't that important. Someone's dating period is just the perfect material for useless gossips."

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1. [+211, -18]
But for real, if it was Song Hyekyo, they would've media played for the poor divorced Song Joongki for being a victim of cheating or something like that. When the divorce happened, Song Hyekyo stayed quiet while Song Joongki did so much media play

2. [+194, -27]
I'm really seeing Goo Hyesun and Song Joongki in a new light. Silence was the answer

3. [+176, -9]
The ridiculous thing is the article saying that timing of the start of a relationship isn't importantㅋㅋ since it was 5 months laterㅋㅋ... It's almost as if he started developping feelings for someone only 1 month after breaking up no?

4. [+172, -3]
He must've been in a some even earlier and did everything... since he dated her 5 months after the divorce...

5. [+72, -67]
But it's just that they delayed the divorce. He probably did other things way before

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