The Boyz company released The Boyz' vlog during their break today at 6PM, and this is one of the scenes in the vlog

Look at the hat that Hyunjae is wearing
It's a hat that Hyunjae "personally" picked

"VIXX, under controversy for wearing the Rising Sun flag hat in video.. "Sorry for giving you anxiety""

This hat has two Rising Sun flags, also known as the War Crimes flag. VIXX wore it before and posted an apology about it later.

Is he thoughtless? Idols nowadays are seriously severe

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1. [+135, -25]
Is he a crazy f*cker? Ah f*ck, I'm f*cking fuming. That's why Japan thinks that our country is f*cking easy;

2. [+110, -10]
Does he not have any thinking ability?

3. [+108, -12]
Seirously, you can tell how empty his brain is..

4. [+95, -147]
If you look at it quickly, you can't even tell what it is. Do you think that he realized before putting it on? Seriously, cut it down

5. [+56, -121]
They took down the video 10 minutes after releasing it and he probably wore that hat without realizing it so he'll probably make an apology;; It's so obvious that Pann is hating on him just to incite more hate

6. [+35, -5]
Empty brain~~~

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