1. SUJU Donghae

2. SanE 
(He was singing Sour Grapes and teasing and mocking her)

3. Kim Heechul 
(She said that ironing was one of her hobbies and he threw the shirt at her and said "Yah do it")

4. Kang Hodong
(Irene was talking about her parents and he joked about her age)

Kim Gura: Must be so nice. You're living such a refreshing life
There are fanfics of Irene and Park Bogum
Or do you not like types like Park Bogum?

Kim Gura: Are you the type to talk a lot when you meet your boyfriend?

5. Kim Gura, Radio Star (Just like with Krystal and Wonder Girls Sohee, he always asks his questions with an expressionless face and force people to answer him) 

6. Irene got sworn at because she recommended 1982 Kim Jiyoung as a book during one of her fanmeetings

(journalists that kept on asking RV to remove their masks, and she kept on refusing)

"RV Irene, do I need to remove my mask?"

7. Because she refused to remove her mask, the journalists went ahead and wrote evil articles about her

8. The popular smoking gif

9. On Hello Counselor, Irene glaring at the husband who left his pregnant wife in the house while doing all the house work when he went out and played with his friends (she got into a personality controversy again because of that)

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t/n: the post got removed when we started translating the comments ;; but most of the top comments agreed that if they were her, they would've also hated men around her and gotten into personality controversies

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