I love it too much ใ… ใ…  Their vocals are even better, it's insane. I want to see them in concert fast

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1. [+29, -7]
I really hope they can get a title song with this type of vibe. Even listening just a snipet, I can tell that the members' voice colors are so pretty. And this is way better when they remove those autotune and machine-like voices

2. [+28, -5]
No but it's freaking good?? Even as a b-side track, it's freaking good. Winter and Ningning's vocals are way better used like that. I rather this than hearing them only sing high notes 

3. [+23, -5]
aespa's bs-des cannot be bad. They have unexpectedly a lot of good ones. Illusion, Lucid Dreams, YEPPI YEPPI. I hope they can release a new song soon. Win-Ning's voices are too good 

4. [+22, -7]
Hearing them sing like that makes me realize how good the kids' vocie colors are ใ…  Ning should stop only singing high notes and ahve this kind of songs. I hope more people know how pretty her voice is 

5. [+22, -6]
Just listening this small part is f*cking good.. ใ…œใ…œ 

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