Lisa just bought a house in Korea that's 200 pyeong large for herself ㄷㄷㄷ

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1. [+54, -4]
See? Lisa isn't leaving Korea, this just shows how much she loves Korea. Even if she left YG, she's not leaving Koreaㅎ

2. [+53, -2]
Kyah Lisa is only 25 y'o right now and she's already young and rich ㄷㄷ She's cool 

3. [+51, -1]
I feel like her mom and dad will also come and they'll live a quiet life 

4. [+44, -3]
This is definitely a sign of their contract renewal. She bought a detached house at the outskirt of Seongbook-dong. It would be nice if her parents also came and lived there

5. [+39, -0]
I know Lisa because of the incident where her previous? manager scammed her thousands of dollars, but as expected, she's so rich.. I'm envious 

6. [+18, -0]
Her house was 7.5 billion won (6.1M US). Her class is impressive and it's also 200 pyeong. Insane

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