The pictures she posted in that outfit created a buzz on Insta... seriously, she unexpectedly suits romance-fantasy outfitsㅋㅋㅋ

I think she lost more weigth recently so her face looks more mature

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1. [+23, 0]
The pictures in the post are all pretty but I like this picture the most... Relatively, not too much editing went into it so it makes her look even prettier

2. [+16, -1]
I find Kim Yoojung the prettiest nowadays. I like her even more because she's so good at acting

3. [+15, -1]
Seriously, she's always pretty

4. [+14, -1]
Kim Yoojung has a pretty face but I like her because she's even good at acting... if she's only pretty or only good at acting, I wouldn't like her as much

5. [+13, 0]
When she was young, I thought that she had pretty eyes and a cute face but now that she's an adult and lost her baby fat, my eyes go not only to her eyes but to all her features as a whole

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