Ask Taeyong anything: "Where do whales lay their eggs?"
TY: Whales gives birth to babies (T/n: instead of 낳아다 (give birth) he used a conjugated form of 낫다 = better/to cure)

"I want to eat young pickled kimchi crunch crunch"
(t/n: instead of 총각 (radish) he wrote 총곽, doesn't mean anything, just a typo) 

flashing in the east, flashing in the west" 
(t/n: expression that means one second he's someowhere, the other second he's somewhere else. Common spelling mistake that most Koreans make, it should be 동에 번쩍 서에번쩍 instead of 동해번쩍 서해번쩍)

"The one on the left is a drawing that I drew for Jungwoo, it's a secret ㅎ He still doesn't know. 
No no, you can't tell him. 
I enjoy drawing so much. I saw a post of Jungwoo saying he loves green, so I grew a green sweater"

t/n: instead of 안돼 (you shouldn't), he wrote 안되 3x

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1. [+144, -0]
The moment I got to "flashing in the east, flashing in the west" I was so confused ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+61 ,-3]
This is so confusing.. He even confuses me 

3. [+52, -4]
Wow this is obaㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ This should be enough of a reason to file a divorce

4. [+20,- 8]
How many posts are we gonna get about him damn.. 

5 .[+15, -3]
Wow is he for real?

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