She's from Thailand and she's born in 2009. She's BaeMon's maknae

The one with the brown hair was taken during the most recent filming. I think that she can pull off a lot of styles. Her skills are good too. She was added to the debut project only 3 months into her training days because she stood out so much

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"Chiquita match the rhythm and spin, the guitar riff’s theme is Sting’s" (T/N: lyrics to IU's Leon - the original lyrics say "Tickita" and not "Chiquita")

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I think that she'll be good at matching the rhythm and spin

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Her face aside, her proportions and personality are way too similar to Lisa's. I'm not sure about how talented she is since her training time was so short

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?? Is this viral marketing?

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She's really talented. And I kinda already like her

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