This was Mark and Arin's IG today.. 
No but why are they even matching the head orientation?? 
F*ck this can't be real right??? No way 
Are they really trying to make it this obvious?? Tell me this is not true

This was released by Mark around the later half of last year 
and Arin just released it today and people are now speculating about their lovestagram 

Arin's IG 

Mark's IG

And if you put their pictures together

They didn't say anything and Arin just removed the kissing photo.. 
For reference, Mark praised Suzy for looking pretty and Arin said that she was a fan of Suzy 
And both Mark and Arin come from SOFA and were in the same class, same age and said officially that they were close

don't tell me that just like Lee Jongsuk and IU that they developed their friendships into a relationship..?
Anyways they suit each other ...ㅎ

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1. [+154, -8]
I'm a muddle but f*ck do people really believe stuff that are this much of a reach? I thought that they released it on the same day, but Mark released it last year. You call that Lovestagram? 

2. [+109, -29]
This is too muchㅋㅋ The fans will cry

3. [+104, -5]
Crazy b*tches, her dad was the one who took it 
"Dad did it"

4. [+94, -17]
Mark's recent comments: He didn't even realize it was Pepero day. He chose friendship between love and friendship. He said he didn't have any thoughts of marriage. Even if he had a girlfriend, do you really think he's the type to make it this obvious? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Cut the hate down trolls 

5. [+61, -25]
they're the same age + same class -> became coworkers -> lovers. That's f*cking romantic 

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