People were dragging her so much that I didn't even know that she had good proportions

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1. [+51, -66]
Do your eyes not see the boots' heels?

2. [+48, -11]
There are people bashing Winter's proportions?? Even if her legs are not as long as Giselle's, her limbs are pretty long, her waist is small and she has moderate hips. She also has a small head and she's overall skinny so I find her really pretty

3. [+48, -15]
Winter has always been feminine, Her arms and legs are long given her height so her proportions are pretty... people don't even look at her properly before bashing her

4. [+45, -6]
Even without the heels, if her proportions look like that, they are pretty good? To the people who don't think she has good proportions, just try appearing on a TV screen

5. [+31, -10]
There are even kids who were hating on Winter for gaining weight when she was on a hiatus so... she gains muscles easily as soon as she moves and she has always been freaking skinny;; also, she self-manages herself very well... when a lot of people said her voice was too piercing when she sang the high notes in Girls, she practiced alone and people said that her voice got less sharp and stronger when they heard her at the Circle Awards... She's a diligent kid who works out in hotels even when she goes overseas. So I hope that trolls would stop worrying about her and stop the forced hate

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