[enter-talk] WHO DID AESPA'S MAKEUP?

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1. [+72, -1]
Aside from Ningning, they are all oba... Especially Winter and Giselle... Giselle's eyes look so stuffy

2. [+71, -2]
Wow freaking pretty, crazy. I thought "did they change their beauty shop?" but saw Winter at the end. What is that?

3. [+70, -5]
Aside from Winter, they all look fine

4. [+69, -1]
Eunbi teacher went a on trip so the staffs under her were probably the ones who did the makeup

5. [+54, -1]
The teacher who got praises for doing aespa's makeup recently went on a business trip so I think that the other staffs from the shop did the makeup ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

6. [+40, -1]
Karina was fine no..? I think that OP's picture look like that because the colors are all faded in the picture

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