"G-dragon supporting Bigbang Seungri"
"Gdragon keeps liking Seungri's IG. 
GD is showing publicly that he's supporting Seungri. 
Seungri is innocent and it feels like GD agrees with it (?)
He supports OT5"

Just looking at it, it's pretty clear that an I-roach used a translator to do this right? 
And she's the only one here copy pasting this and making a mess

Some time ago, he was released from prison and his fans showered him with affection 
And they saw that GD liked his release news on IG and said that GD supports his prison discharge

GD is using that account for business purposes, but the fans are claiming that him liking the posts is fan service 

But if you look at it that way, it looks like he liked a bunch of pictures all at once right? 
And even if you looked at the time

It looks like he liked all those pictures within a 30 seconds span
do you think that this is a normal speed?

At the beginning, all the fans thought that he got hacked because his fanservice was so shocking 

GD isn't this carefree and you really think that it makes sense that he'd like these posts every day for a whole year??

1. Usually GD likes his expositions and the stuff he likes on his private IG 
2. He automatically likes his tagged posts on his public account 

But the fans catchign up on that uses GD to tag him on Seungri's posts and spams him everywhere 
These are the posts you'd find on GD's tag

Can you see this? This is after searching for GD, meanwhiel there are just as many pictures of Seungri getting out of prison that GD pictures

They either do this, or they would post pictures of Bigbang OT5 and tag GD

But in reality, they actually have projects to spam GD with pictures of Seungri coming out of prison

And then they would use the pictures that GD liked and say that he still thinks that Seungri belongs to Bigbang

Meanwhile they also ignore all the pics that GD liked and are OT4ㅋㅋㅋ 

There was even a time where GD liked his own post because his bto thought it was tagged

Even aside from the STILL LIFE promotions, GD has never used OT5 pictures and he doesn't really posts anything with the 4 of them either 
When he does use group photos, he'd crop out the OT5

Honestly, you don't need to be a fan to know how much GD loves Bigbang, but the fact that he liked picture of OT5 is something from the past, and he's definitely not supporting a criminal 

This is a given, but he's only mentioned OT4 publicly 

At last year, TOP also released an OT4 picture and he liked it with his private account (right now the post has been deleted) 

This is actually more accurate than his public account 

And the fact that they claim that him liking posts on IG is part of his fanservice is just their own agenda. It's clear that these are just Seungri fans cosplaying as Bigbang fans 
Even Korean Seungri fangirls are always trolling and making it f*cking obvious on GD's IG everyday 

Now that hes out of prison, he should just live quietly;; 

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1. [+252, -10]
GD hated the fact that he was in Bigbang since the befinning, and the members are always talking about all he cares about was to open businesses and that they were displeased with this. The other members would always hang out together, meanwhile SEungri would always go and entertain himself the moment concerts or fanmeetings are over ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Honestly even before the hyung went to the army, it was his last birthday party and he instead spent 600 million to have a party overseas by himselfㅋㅋㅋ Anyone can tell that their relationship is only business. But now, the fans want him to be acknowledged? Where is your shame?

2. [+200, -8]
Jiyongie  said "we're 4 people" Seungri fangirls-ah. Please let's just part ways;; And stop your obsession over GD 
GD: Although we're 4 people
Seungri: Wait
TOP: In 2022, it'll be a while since we've been 4 people
Seungri: wait wait wait
Daesung: You've been living well right? Meanwhile us 4 have been promoting 
Taeyang: Seungri-yah, were you able to resolve that work of you?

3. [+129, -6]
Why are they only sticking themselves onto GD? Why would they spam GD with that guy all the time and f*ck up GD's comment section like thatㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+123, -8]
Lee Seunghyun fangirls-ah you guys were the ones who were saying stuff like "my brat is having a hard time in the team" "he's getting bullied" "they're destroying his confidence"and  creating all those fake rumors in the trending Pann page while bashing on all Bigbang's members. I still remember all of itㅋㅋㅋ At that time, you guys were making posts about GD's personality, about how TOP is a psychopath, and dragging other fans into it with 2000 + upvoteso n these posts ㅋㅋ Honestly, even other communities were getting spammed by your posts and the members were getting hated on because of you;;; And after all this time, you guys are now claiming that GD likes Seungri because he's liking his posts???? Please stop this f*ckery ㅗ^^ㅗyou will use the members to your advantage until the end. Stop pretending you're an OT5 supporter Seungri fans;; 
(comments saying how Seungri is getting mistreated, that he's not being treated well and that there are people making up rumors like the DUI rumors, that Seungri was getting so picked on on Radio Star that it was uncomfortable to watch, etc.)

5. [+82, -5]
I'm pretty sure that GD set up a bot that automatically likes everything he's tagged on Last time, he also liked something by accident and you can tell that his antis are using this to their advantage. You shouldn't take anything he likes seriously. 

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