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Wow how did she lose all this weight...? I'm f*cking jealous 

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This is honestly a motivation booster

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She's setting the example.. She's so cool seriously ㅠㅠ

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Because it's Twice
JY: That's right, when I 'm sick, it's even hard to move my body but I still think to myself "What if I just stretch?" isntead
GQ: What was the trigger to break your trapped thoughts? Do you hate being unable to move and just lay down?
JY No. The strength of the members was really great for me. The members raised me up again. The members are really very precious. They would never simply tell me “Cheer up, you can do it.” [and leave me alone] instead, they would literally come and find me. They would call me and tell me "today this and this happened" and stuff like "There's this happening today, should we go?" and drag me out. 
JY: There's not a single person who didn't believe in me. They all trusted me and waited for me. That's why I always say this, but this is how I became even closer to the members

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Jeongyeon was sick and dispite this, she was still able to lose weight, so what in the world is Liz doing? She's not even sick and it's been a year that she's looking like that... She's just free riding on AnYoungz and taking no responsibility

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