Previously, in a video of CIX's European tour held last month, when Bae Jin-young spoke, some fans were caught chanting other members' names or throwing water buckets, raising the bullying rumors. (...)

But the rumors were untrue. C9 Entertainment refuted, saying, "We confirmed the facts with all the people who participated in the tour, and this is also not true at all, and they are spreading false facts without any evidence in this regard."

Since then, CIX members have never clarified the rumors in public, but when CIX received the 'Post Generation Award' trophy at the 'Hanteo Music Awards' on the 11th, they mentioned the bullying rumors in their acceptance speech. On this day, CIX said, "Our relationship is really good. We are friends who are running towards one dream. We would appreciate your interest in us."

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1. It really broke my heart to hear their award speech

2. Where did all the Wannables go? Why aren't you guys apologizing? Even if you claim that you're not Wannables, if you are not the group's fan, you guys framed CIX as this group of people who were bullying the beloved Wanna One. It's freaking funny how all those people just disappeared

3. So they're saying that there was no bullying? To be honest, the videos were quite shocking

4. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ CIX fighting~!! I hope that the people who are still suspicious about this realize that they are the problem ^^

5. What the? I thought that it was real since Kim Jaehwan posted about it but it's a relief that it's not

6. The hate comments were no joke

7. I didn't understand the situation at all so I just stayed neutral but finally, they said that it wasn't true so this is the end huh... hul... it spread like wild fire

8. Aigo ㅠㅠㅠ I hope they all succeed

9. There are people who don't even know what they are clarifying for...

10. CIX fighting ㅜㅜ I felt bad for them because people framed them to be such weird people

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