Summary on HYBE's discrimination for BTS solo 

1. Jimin's solo pre-order is 1 month period
- Other members got 9 days or 2 weeks

2. Jimin's solo album's first week sales will be reflected the "usual/normal" way 
- The other members only had his first week sales numbers reflected from Korean sales, and for overseas sales, the first week sales were only reflected 1 months after the shipment 
- The fans were always begging them to fix the system, but they haven't done a single thing to correct it for the 3 past solos, and now, they're running the mood by only allowing it for Jimin 
- J-Hope never had a physical album 

3. Jimin got to work with 20 Bighit's producers + foreign producers on his solo over the past year
- Meanwhile the rapper line has been working on their albums by themselves for years + using their own network
- The vocal line also didn't get any help from the company so they relied on making mixtapes for 4 years
- Meanwhile the main producer is dedicating themselves to Jimin only and didn't even give any feedback refarding other members, people were even wondering how hard would it be that they helped other members too while at it 
- Even for BTS' group activities, they never had this amount of support regarding producers helping them 

4. Jimin's solo was scheduled to be in February and they suddenly switched to March 24th 
- Suga will be releasing his album in April, meanwhile his tour is starting on April 26th 
- They've already rented the venues one year ago and all the plans were made already yet Jimin is ruining it... It's as if he's kicking another member's solo out
- There are 5 other solo albums left for the year, but it feels like they're going all-in on Jimin alone

5. Jimin's music shows + video fansigns
- Even for BTS' group promotions, they've never had any for the past 3 years
- The other members didn't have any music show promotions nor fansigns 
- Jimin's fans are claiming that this is because the members get to choose whether they want it or not, so they're insinuating that only Jimin loves his fans while bashing the other members
- The other members also said that they wanted to go on fansigns/music shows but it's the company who is insisting on not giving them any of it 

6. Jimin's collab, ambassador, photoshoots, fashion week and 3 weeks TikTok... Jimin has been releasing consecutive contents like that 
- The other members didn't get any content before releasing their solo albums and their pre-orders were only dropped 2 weeks before their actual solos 

7. The solo albums order was supposed to follow the order of enlistment, but they gave Jimin his solo first
- Jimin isn't even going to the army ight now, so I don't understand why there's a need to release his at the beginning of the year. There are members who are more in a rush than him 

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1. From akgaes to other akgaes

2. Shouldn't we just wait and see how they'll treat the next member's solo first?

3. I can totally prove that I'm a fanㅋㅋ But from the first line to the last line, there's not a single wrong information, the fans who are trying to refute the post here have to be Jimin's individual fans

4. But I don't understand what do they want us to do about it... 

5. It can't be helped that there will be difference from one member to the other, but the fact is that if the difference is way too big, of course the fans are aloud to speak on it 

6. What's the point of the post? Are you saying that Jimin deserves the hate?
> [OP] Wake up already 

7. Ajumma, are you not ashamed of living your life like that at your age? 
> [OP] You're calling a 00'er an ajumma? ㅜㅜㅋㅋ The ajummas are Park Jimin's fans 

8. Rather than the discrimination between members, it just seems like they really suck at what they're doing so it's becoming a buzz no? The fact that their solos' planning are different really comes down to different point of view no... To me, I rather see them on variety shows than on music shows... 

9. What the? If we keep on pouring our grievances like that, there would be no end to it. This post is weird trying to gang up against Jimin 

10. I don't like BTS but #5 is oba... It's true that the pre-sales and stuff like that can be blamed on the company, but stuff like fansigns and music shows could be actually based on the members' own will too, we'll never know

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