1. When you're in the some stage, do it with a lot of people
So that you are able to find who is the best match with you

2. Even when you start dating, don't cut your opposite s*x's friends
Men usually hate this, but unconsciously, they'll be in a perpetual competition with your friends
And they also can't call you a "cheater" 

3. Instead of devoting time and money to your lover, spend them on improving your looks
Seriously this is so important
Gaining weight once you start dating is a no no 
And you can't start becoming too comfortable
Even if to a man, he's already devoted to you, just giving him the visual satisfaction works way faster and more powerfully than anything else 

If you want to commit to a relationthip, it's okay to dedicate yourself to a man with a good future, good character, and loyalty, but if you devote yourself to a man with a really specs and who's a nobody in general, your life will be ruined 

Ah and what men hate the most about women aren't women who are too emotional but rather... 
Women who have dated around a lot
Not because they'll think "Is she being promiscuous??".. 
Rather, a woman who have dated a lot of men has a good eye for people (and is quick to judge) and notices when a man is trying to date at a "cost-effective price", or notices it beforehand, and prevents such a man from acting like that in the first place and break up right away 

And this is the type of women guys really like 
It's not just because you're young and pretty, it's rather the inner meaning
Because you're young, pretty, AND naive, you'll never know if he's putting less effort with you.. Even if he does excessive skinship, you'll listen and you'll say yes to everything they ask
So before getting married, date with as many men as possible 

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1. But if you're going to act like that, just don't even date in the first place ㅋㅋ I just want to date the person I love and live a happy life, I don't wanna date for some other reasons than that . I've been in a lovey dovey relationship with someone for 5 years and I didn't do #1, #2 nor #3... I'm just as devoted to my lover as he is devoted to me 

2. I don't think your target is the other person but rather just to date

3. Don't you get tired of living that way.. 

4. I don't even think you'll have a healthy relationship like that... I bet your reality slap will come 

5. But #3 is honestly true 

6. I can agree with #2 and #3 but I don't know for #1, you might miss a really good person like that 

7. But just starting with #1, I already have nobody boohoo 

8. #1 is honestly the reality 

9. Aside from #1, I agree with everything 

10. But I feel like #1 is more common overseas

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