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She was whining about it for days and today, we got drunk and she started crying about how jealous she was of idols... What should I tell her.. I'm bad with words haㅠ It's so frustrating to talk to her that I'm torn inside

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1. You should hit her with the fact that she's being immature and that she looks like a pain right now

2. You're so kind. If I were you, I would've physically hit her 

3. Just tell her to go try auditioning, once she understands reality, she'll stop 

4. Does she not know how hard the process of becoming an idol is for whining like that?
> [OP] She knows but she's a huge fangirl 

5. Even idols have it super rough.... It's just that what you see is the flashy stuff. Tell her that
> [OP] She knows that too... She says that at her age, she can shine even more and receive more love as an idol so she's jealous.. 

6. How old is your dongsaeng??
> She's 23

7. I freaking hate this 

8. If she wants to be an idol, just tell her to try auditioning 
> [OP] She doesn't want to become an idol, rather she's jealous because idols have a good life.. 
>> Yeah, but this is the reality. Everyone will be having a hard life if everyone was part of the top 1%

9. Is she maybe having a hard time...? If I were you, I'd buy her something good to eat tomorrow and just try to make her happy
> I'm not sure 

10. Just tell her to try becoming a Youtuber... It's super hard to hit big with anything.. 

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