Sorry for escaping here
I've been dating my boyfriend for 4 years
I'm a girl in my late 20's who is working at a small desert cafe

I didn't know that I'd be writing a post here but
I'm ready to receive any kind of criticism
So advise me at your heart's content.

When I was young, it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that I only dated people based on looks
Since looks are what we see first. But as I got older, I thought that I would start looking at the person

But seems like it wasn't the case ㅠ
There's a frequent guy who visits my cafe regularly
Because his looks are my ideal kind of looks, I remembered that customer ever since his first visit
That was all I felt for him? I didn't have any more feelings towards him, obviously

It's not just about the looks. That guy is friendlier than me
Of course he would act even friendlier to the people managing the cafe if they were nice
So every time he came, he would treat me in a friendly way too
He's been coming to my cafe for about 7 months now?
Since he's been regularly visiting the cafe, we would share about our daily lives comfortably like friends (he's the same age as me) 
Last week, he knew that my cafe had a day off so he asked me if we could go eat a meal together (he knew I had a boyfriend)

So as a friend, I dressed up comfortably and went to eat with him once
(I am aware that doing something like this while having a boyfriend is wrong of me ㅠ)

When I ended my shift, I would call him a few times
And at some point, he said this
He knew that I had a boyfriend and he's also aware that what he's doing was wrong
But people can't control their feelings
So just in case, if I had no plans of marrying my boyfriend, or if I would end up breaking with him, he said that he'd always be waiting for me
So if I become single, I could go to him

I seriously don't have any plans for marriage at all (my boyfriend knows about this too)
But seriously, we've been dating for 4 years and he never made it hard for me and he's such a good person
So I've never thought about breaking up with him once and we've been dating happily

But I also think of myself as a crazy b*tch for posting here and for being swayed all the time
You can tell me to get in my right mind too. Anything is fine

One thing I'm sure of is that the person that makes my heart flutter isn't my boyfriend but that guy so what should I do? Seriously..

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1. [+592, -26]
Your true boyfriend is your current boyfriend so why tell OP to do whatever she wants? That customer knows that you have a boyfriend and is still trying to make up excuses and going to see you so he doesn't look like a good person to me. If OP breaks up with her boyfriend and goes to that guy, I think that it's gonna inflate his pride

2. [+466, -6]
That's why it's so nice to go have a meal with him "as friends" (T/N: sarcastic). You already knew the moment he asked you to eat with him

3. [+438, -52]
How can you block your feelings? It's not like you guys were married and it's possible to break up in a relationship. Talk to your boyfriend honestly and break up with him. Take your time to check if your "ideal type" if he's the right one and then go back to him. If you don't have feelings for your boyfriend anymore but keep on dating him, you're just deceiving him..

4. [+375, -83]
What are you saying?... Your feelings can be swayed not only if you have a boyfriend but even a husband

5. [+302, -67]
You're still young so why worry~~ OP, just do what your heart is telling you!!

6. [+289, -6]
Someone who approaches you when you have a boyfriend must be one heck of a good person... You guys are already cheating on your boyfriend so why are you trying to beautify this? Hilarious

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