My husband said that he wanted to eat curry yesterday
So since we both have off this morning, we decided to eat curry as brunch and I've been preparing the ingredients

But my husband doesn't take the smell of curry well
So he told me to go to the laundry room, to open the windows and cook from the burner

I was so dumbfounded that I told him that we can't order curry every time
And that houses are bound to smell if people cook inside
So that's why people ventilate their house every time

So he said that he will go fry the vegetables in the laundry room himself and told me to cook the rest in the kitchen

What's wrong with him..?
I also started to get mad while talking to him
so I just told him "ok, then let's just not eat curry anymore"

He can cook this and that in the kitchen
I can't do that because it smells too bad for him
He just does whatever he wants

He then told me "you know that I'm sensitive to smell and you can't even be more understanding?" and it's just so dumbfounding

Am I being selfish here?

He's still currently calling me selfish, asking if I can't be considerate of our couple, let alone admit that he's being sensitive.

I was originally just gonna share my story here and go
But I was too dumbfounded
So I'll just send him the link to the post with your advices as is

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1. [+244, -3]
If he's this sensitive, then can he even it curry??? I don't think that he can eat it since it's too disgusting for himㅋㅋ interesting.. seems like he's just being selectively sensitive

2. [+203, -2]
At this rate, he won't be able to eat anything

3. [+157, -5]
But how is your husband being considerate of you?

4. [+148, -1]
It's not that he's being sensitive of the smell. It's that he just wants everything his way

5. [+134, -2]
Tell him to go eat outside and come back later then. Tell him "before you come back, I'll eat and ventilate the room"

6. [+66, 0]
Don't start a fuss and just stay still. If he's sensitive to smell, how does he poop? He probably fainted while pooping

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