1. Kim Jiwon
(While playing a game, Kwangsoo strikes Kim Jiwon's neck - it wasn't part of the game rules)

Kim Jiwon: Oppa... I think that it was too much
Yoo Jaesuk: Who made our Jiwonie cry!!

2. Son Yejin
(Yoo Jaesuk gives Son Yejin a pillow. Haha was one step too late)
Son Yejin: Thank you but I'm fine without it too

(Jung Junha tosses the pillow to her)

(Other cast jumps in to hit him)
Son Yejin: I put a lot of effort in my makeup today though...

3. Seolhyun
(Seolhyun(?) smashed an egg on the ground)
Park Myungsoo: Seolhyun-ah... what is this? (annoyed tone)
- Since I'm her uncle, I can push her (head) to some extent too

Park Myungsoo: So that's why I also pushed her saying "this dumbo, why did you do that?"
*Seolhyun who burst into tears*
Other guests: Why did you make our dongsaeng cry? 
*Seolhyun whose tears fell on her birthday*
Park Myungsoo: I pushed her head
Guest: You hit her?

4. Irene
(They are playing word relay game where the other person needs to complete the word by adding another syllable - Donghae became aggressive and started shouting and pushing himself forward)

Irene: I'm scared
Leeteuk: Why are you scaring her? Why are you acting like a thug?!

Donghae: Stop lying (about being scared)
Irene: Huh?
Shindong: What "stop lying"!!

5. Suzy
Nam Joohyuk: What did you eat?
Suzy: Noodles
- Do I smell like noodles? Why are you asking?ㅋㅋ
Nam Joohyuk: You don't smell fermented skate?
Suzy: You ate fermented skate?ㅋㅋ
Nam Joohyuk: No no
Suzy: Why are you asking what I ate after the kiss scene?ㅋㅋ

Seriously, I think that these sayings are right, "if there's a tree that you cannot dare to climb", "the persimmon that you can't eat" or "the fox and the new grape", then you're going to be purposely ruder to them. (T/N: these are all "sayings" referring to people/things that you cannot have so you would purposely try to get "rid" of it by acting mean and/or greedy)

I feel like I get the general vibe from them but I just don't understand why they would do this and express themselves that way

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1. [+425, -3]
This is your typical Hannam;; they're never going to be involved with these women anyways so they are just trying to act up

2. [+408, -3]
They are just like chodings who would mock the kids they like

3. [+404, -3]
Seriously, the sayings "the persimmon you can't eat" and "the fox and the new grape" describe this perefctly. They lack manners, are childish and rude

4. [+317, -2]
Seriously, they are all grown up so is there even a reason to be acting that way..? I don't get it

5. [+255, -4]
All those scenes were so controversial when they aired back then, all of themㅇㅇ

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