There are a lot of kids with pretty eyes around me but there's only one person among my friends who has a high and pretty nose. Even the pretty and handsome celebrities all already had their nose done.
They all did their nose before debuting so it made me realize that being born with a pretty nose was really rare.
Kids who are born with a high and pretty nose are seriously blessed. They shall bow to their parents every day

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1. [+75, -2]
Also, what's really fascinating is that anyone who had their nose done, their nose looks obviously fake

2. [+62, -4]
But to be honest, for girls, even if their nose is average but they have pretty eyes, they can cover it to some extent. But if guys have a pretty face shape and pretty eyes but a bad nose, they are just meh...

3. [+60, -3]
Personally, I think that having a pretty face shape is rarer than having a pretty nose

4. [+45, -5]
The reason why there are a lot of girls with pretty eyes = most of them got their eyes doneㅋㅋ There are barely any girls with naturally pretty eyes

5. [+34, 0]
For real. But having a pretty nose is really a plus since rhinoplasty is so difficultㅇㅇ but the reason why you don't have to worry too much is that the gaze usually goes to the eyes first so if you have pretty eyes and that your nose doesn't look too weird, other people's gaze can be dispersed all over your face

6. [+22, 0]
But there are a lot of kids with pretty eyes because they all got eyelids surgery. If you look at the kindergarten kids, the ones with pretty eyes are so rare

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