If you think that having good skin is important, vote up. If you don't care, vote down

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1. [+53, 0]
In my opinion, skin is part of handsomeness so it's important

2. [+39, 0]
My ex-boyfriend's skin was freaking oba and if you have bad skin and that I look at you closer, your ugliness definitely increases by 1.5x. Also, I have to shut my eyes tight in order to kiss him on the cheek. And I'm careful when touching his face.. At that time, I just let it slide but thinking back, I wonder how I even dated him

3. [+38, 0]
I bet that guys also all look at skin just like the comments here... My skin is f*cking bad thoughㅠㅋㅋㅋ I'm sad

4. [+26, 0]
If there are too many pitted scars and that it looks rough, it's a bit... I can't bring myself to like them

5. [+20, -2]
Good skin is indeed important. I'm fine if it's not super dirty and that they have a few pimples

6. [+10, 0]
It's fine if they have a few pimples or redness but if they have pimples all over their face, then.... even if they are handsome, they'll look ugly to me... for real.. also, just thinking about him will make me think of his pimples. But honestly, if he had a few pimples, I wouldn't even care

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