We were watching Titanic together yesterday and he started sniffling next to me randomly. At that point, I was fine and just found him cute but he randomly ran out; so I also ran after him and went out but that crazy f*cker just ran back home

"Crush: - XXah, I'm sorry... I didn't want to show you my crying side on our first date
- I wanted to come back but I was embarrassed and coun't. I'm seriously sorry. I'll pay for the movies next time ㅎ"

And that's what he DM'ed me later
Ha... it's a bit of a turn off but it's understandable right? 
It's f*cking dumbfounding

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1. [+650, -1]
No but if he was waiting for you outside, I'd give him a pass since it can happen but what's up with him going home? For real

2. [+481, -4]
No but up to the point where he cried was cute but going home is just rude

3. [+448, -2]
Maybe he wanted to poop?...

4. [+312, -5]
He's a pretty f*cking funny bast*rd...

5. [+279, -8]
It's freaking funny how he said he'd pay for the next movieㅋㅋㅋㅋ f*ck

6. [+157, -46]
No but maybe he saw himself in the mirror and thought that he was acting over the top?? If your crush is a good kid, I would just let it slide even though it might be shocking since it's cute

7. [+143, -2]
That's f*cking f*cked up. "Cute"? That?

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