[teens stories] OUR COUNTRY IS DOOMED

70'ers: 1M
80ers: 860K
90'er: 650K
00'er: 640K
10'er: 470K
22'er: 250K

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1. [+854, -72]
Why would we want to give birth in a country that hates pregnant women ?

2. [+737, -173]
Honestly, this is all because of Hannams. They don't take care of you during your maternity leave and once you tell them to take care of it, they call you a feminist or mom-bug (t/n: kinda hard to translate 맘충 = literally means "mom-bug" basically a mother who takes advantage of having kids to be a burden to people/society around them)

3. [+560, -11]
Ugh I give up, just let me euthanize myself

4. [+443, -6]
The lowest birth rates and the highest suicide rates

5. [+404, -41]
I actually believe that the current number of birth rate is perfect for Korea and that it was actually ridiculously high in the past. Asia always pushes to give birth to kids like crazy, but if you looked at the countries' capital, the environment (land space), the societal culture, the parenting, etc. these indicators are all extremely unfavorable for kids. Our mom (and dad) ask me why is it like that? But if you looked at the suicide rates VS birth rates, and the birth rate in the past, isn't it just a normal outcome that our birth rates are this low? Why are people acting so surprised? How is 250K people supposed to support 1M people?... It's as if 1 person is supposed to support 4 people, do you think that this is even feasible? How are we supposed to live our lives with this kind of environment? Of course, we'll try to evade from it. And there are so many changes that happened in the past 50 years. 

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