INFINITE's Sungjong has been known for his thin figure but recently brought shock to fans after he revealed his weight.

On the SBS Power FM radio show '2 PM Escape Cult Two Show' that aired on February 3, Sungjong revealed his weight and confessed that he had lost more weight recently.

He shared, "This is the first time I am sharing this. I actually weighed 54 kg (~119 lbs) but then I lost weight. I like riding bicycles so I ride from Sangam to Apgujung. I ride all day. I sweat so I lose my appetite."

DJ Kim Tae Gyun asked, "So, how much do you weigh now?" Sungjong shyly shared, "49 kg (~108 lbs)" The DJ was shocked and asked, "Aren't you also tall?" and Sungjong replied, "I'm almost 180 cm (5'11")."

Sungjong shared, "I exercise diligently, and I don't eat. I eat two meals a day, but I eat one egg, one pack of soy milk, and one pack of red ginseng juice," which left fans shocked. With many people expressing their concern for the singer, Sungjong promised he would gain weight, saying, "I will gain more weight from now on."
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1. Is his health ok? ㅠㅠ

2. It's not a sin to have a small apetite.. Even at 49 kg with his height, seeing how he was skinny during their world tour too, his stamina must be better than mine

3. He was always skinny ever since his debut... that's just how his body is so what do you want him to do about it?... He's always been skinny and he was performing on their world tour just fine so it's not like he was sick. Stop pretending that you're worried. Do you really think that he'd be able to ride his bicycle that far if his body was weird?

4. Omona.. what in the world...

5. Seems like his body is only made of muscles ㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷ impressive

6. I also ride my bicycle all day. Is it possible to lose that much weight?

7. That's my dream weight, seriously...

8. No but he's taller than me but lighter than me ㅠㅅㅠ Let's just walk to healthy path

9. Hul I wanna see him in real life. How skinny do you have to be to be 49 kg? I can't even imagine....

10. Jjong-yah ㅠㅠ I know that he's taking care of himself but please eat well ㅜㅠㅠ

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