Photographer: Hugo Comte

original post: here

1. Crazy, freaking pretty

2. Wow freaking pretty and freaking handsome. She kinda looks cool

3. Hul this has to be one of the most legendary photoshoots Jisoo has ever done. The pictures are so good

4. Was she always that good at getting her pictures taken...? No but I'm not saying that she was bad before but she's f*cking good now..

5. ??? What the? She's above idol level..

6. So Jisoo was this good at posing? Freaking amazing

7. What's daebak is that she covered magazines in January, February and March of 2023 and her aura was different in all 3 covers. But they are all pretty and cool

8. Wow daebak. I didn't see all of them but I think that I like this vibe the most out of every out of all her photoshoots

9. Wow the cover that was revealed yesterday was already daebak but the 2nd picture is legendary

10. This one is really legendary

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