Yoo Seungeon

Reason: just watching, you'll find out. His vocals are refreshing and he's the pick for main vocals

Zhang Hao

Reason: He used to be in group G and was the center, but he has good skills, good leadership and he's always working hard on speaking in Korean. He's freaking likable

Park Geonwook

Reason: In the first half of the program, he was really harsh with his words so a lot of people said they didn't like him. However, once he's inside a team, his personality is refreshing and he gave his all in his stage. He has amazing physique + he cried in the end, so he's a certified baby. He's a 05'er

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1. Since it's a global team, let's go with Seok Matthew or Na Kamden or Jay. We don't need to pick a Chinese or a Japanese

2. I'm skipping on Zhang Hao 

3. The Chinese guy... 

4. Park Geonwook is freaking likable 

5. Seok Matthew for me, he's so cute ㅋㅋ

6. That Zhang Hao guy reminds me of Kris 

7. Fighting to the Koreans 

8. Geonwook-ah, I'm supporting you 

9. I don't want that kid who sings about CCP, but I wish the other ones keep raising 

10. Geon


The reason why the Chinese trainees got better in Korean is because of the only Korean-decent trainee who was their leader

"As expected, team G also starts by picking up the leader"

"Ricky suggested Na Kamden who is skillfull in Korean"

"G team's leader Na Kamden"

AS a leader, he had to separate the parts
Na Kamden: First of all, who wants to take care of the killing part?

Na Kamden: You 2 should try doing that part

And because he's good in English, he ruined the mood for Chinese people
Christian: But...
Christian: First of all, let's not think about the killing part and just pick the parts that we want to do

"Na Kamden is the only one who didn't understand the Chinese trainees who kept on speaking in Chinese"

They kept talking in Chinese between them 
Chen Jian Yu: I also think we should start by dividing other parts

Chen Jian Yu: And then decide on the killing part

Christian: Looks like he [Kamden] wants to distribute the killing parts first

"Na Kamden who still doesn't understand any Chinese"

(What kind of situation is this?)

Na Kamden: What are you guys talking about right now?

However he gets freaking ignored
Christian: Don't rush don't rush

The leader got upset
Na Kamden: As a leader, I wished they talked more with me

Na Kamden: They didn't even answer me

Na Kamden: Anyways it was still my team but..

Na Kamden: I was so frustrated

Still, he kept on pushing that they should distribute the parts
*Na Kamden and Chen Jian Yu who wanted to take the main part*

Na Kamden: Both of us should try singing it and vote

And the Chinese guy breaks the flow again
Chen Jian Yu: I don't even know how to sing this, how are we supposed to compete?

Chrisitan: It's ok it's ok don't rush

He kept being cut off and attempts to communicate again

And once again, they didn't budge and kept on speaking in Chinese
"There's no volunteers right?"

Christian: We can just pick him ourselves

Chen Jian Yu: I'll try I'll try

*Are you talking about this part?*

Chen Jian Yu: There's no need for you to show us, I feel like it'll be you anyways

Christian: So I'll do the sub-rapper

*The conversation is going back and forth regarding the sub rapper*

Still, he doesn't give up and keeps on trying to communicate
Na Kamden: Is Chen Jian Yu debating whether he wants to be sub-rapper 1?

And then again, they go back to talking in Chinese
"Are there people who wants to be sub rapper?"

*G team who doesn't even attempt to talk with Na Kamden despite his attempts*

In the end he cried ㅠㅠ
Na Kamden: This was my first time experiencing something like that and it was so awkward

Na Kamden: I found it to be such a tough situation

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1. Wow this is so Chinese-like 

2. Christian is able to speak in English and he's also able to speak in Korean though? He has to be doing this on purpose. Seriously how ignorant do you have to be to be doing something like that on a Korean audition program? I bet if he was able to debut, he's the type to just do whatever he wants after that

3. Kamden-ssi needs to suceed

4. The PD is basically signalling us to save Kamden 

5. I was so pissed off that I logged in and voted

6. I pity Kamden-ssi so much, I voted for him 

7. This is why we can't deal with Chinese people 

8. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Wow 

9. I found Christian so likable. What a disappoitnment 

10. This is pretty bad


Hwang Minhyun, the first MC 

His first appearance

His voice is also criminal

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1. He looks f*****cking good in real life 

2. He's handsome but his voice is also good. I want to see his solo stage faster. He's a perfect idol 

3. Hoho he's handsome 

4. I'm voting for Hwang Minhyun 

5. Pledis trainee Hwang.Min.Hyun

6. He's f*cking handsome
7. I'm voting for him 

8. The more I look at him, the more he reminds me of Park Seojoon, I can't differentiate them anymore.. 

9. He's handsome today too 

10. I'll vote for him, there are no contestants

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