While BTS' J-hope announced the release of a solo single ahead of his military service, fans' dissatisfaction with the agency's promotion erupted.

On SNS Twitter on the 28th, J-hope's fans posted a protest with the hashtag #GiveJhopeADigitalStore.

Fans said, "J-hope's new song 'On The Street' is scheduled to be released on March 3, but there is no announcement of pre-orders on the official US website. Even when J-hope released a solo album last year, there was no notice, and the album was released 5 days later without notice.”

At the same time, they pointed out, "All of the solo albums and solo singles' sales of other BTS members were released on the 9th, 17th and 32nd days before release."

In fact, if you look at BTS's official Twitter account, among the four members who have released or are planning to release solo albums and solo singles so far, including J-hope, only J-hope's works have not been announced for pre-order opening on the US official website digital store.

Fans said, “Since the sales figures of the digital store on the official US website are directly reflected on the Billboard chart, it is important that pre-orders open as soon as possible. However, each member received a different time period for pre-orders. It makes no sense that J-Hope is not even given a proper opportunity. What is the reason for doing a rule-of-thumb promotion without principles?”

"It's his last song before enlistment, but I can't understand why it was only announced 5 days ago. There is no physical CD either. There was also no CD for his solo album ‘Jack in the Box’. J-hope is the only member whose solo did not receive a physical album."

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1. I just hope he doesn't renew

2. I can agree with them. If the company treated their solos all the same way, do you think the fans would still complain? What a weird company. And he always gets mixtapes that he works himself for, yet the fans treats those as if they were his own solo releases? Anyone can tell you guys should be comparing the songs that Bighit prepares for them alright. The company is just so weird with their discrimination... 

3. I don't feel the discrimination at all, you guys are overreacting 

4. If they wanted to do the bare minimum, they shoud've at least gave them similar promotions, and dates and albums quality no??? The company is turning the fans into abnormal people 

5. Can you guys stop fighting? Why are you always trying to bring other members in? Why can't you just bash bighit alone?

6. F*ck just go compare all the solos that were released until now and tell me this isn't discrimination. From his mixtapes to his MV 

7. Idol fans really consider everything a discimination.. This is just the result of them using their calculators and calculating the cost effectiveness of the effort they should be putting in each solo. If there's more demand, they'll invest more, that's it.. 

8. I honestly wish he leaves f*cking Hybe 

9. Seriously because the fans are meddling with it, they're making it look like J-hope is some mistreated celebrity.. 

10. Ah seriousy this is just all akgaes fighting. Why is BTS' fandom fighting all the time... Stop with the discrimination b*llsh*t and just go swear at the company instead!!!

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