Sam Okyere, who was previously embroiled in a controversy over racism, sincerely apologized once again.

February 21, Sam Okyere appeared as a special guest, which marked his first official broadcast appearance after the controversy.

Back in 2020, Sam Okyere raised his voice against racism and criticized high school students from the Uijeongbu High School, famous for unconventional graduation photos that reflect the year's trends, for using blackface in a parody of the dancing pallbearers.

While many commended Sam Okyere for raising his voice against racism, the TV personality also received backlash from Korean netizens. Sam Okyere was criticized for reposting the photos of the high school students without their permission and bringing attention to the issue with malicious intent, as netizens argued that the students doing the parody were doing it with innocent intentions. Also, netizens pointed out Sam Okyere's distasteful use of the hashtag #teakpop, a derogatory hashtag used on social media to refer to Korean pop culture.

The criticism grew harsher when many Korean netizens revisited Sam Okyere's past racist gestures and sexual comments toward a Korean celebrity.

Following the controversy, Sam Okyere did not appear in broadcast for nearly two years and made his first appearance on 'Attack on Sisters' on this day. He apologized deeply and said, "Before I begin talking, I want to apologize. I apologize for disappointing everyone who showed their love for me. I sincerely want to apologize."

He continued to share, "(In regard to the High School boys who parodied the dancing pallbearers) I wasn't able to think it through fully. They weren't intentionally being derogatory, and I wasn't able to assess that back then. I posted an apology, but I think that made people angrier. The reaction was so bad to my apology, so I tried to apologize sincerely again, but if I posted again, I might've received more misunderstanding/backlash, so I was told to stay still. That's when things became worse."Sam Okyere added, "There was a segment on a show where I had to make an ugly face, but that was seen as a racist gesture. People said to me, 'You can do it (racist gestures), but why are you saying something against those kids?'" He continued, "And there was a social media post I made 5 years ago, and that was seen as a sexual remark. It was never my intention or thought process, though. However, I understand why it could be taken that way, and I apologize for any offense it may have caused."

He continued, "I got a call from the Ghanaian embassy asking me why I am still in Korea. They said they would send me back to Ghana. To be honest, I thought I deserved to be cursed back then because I did something wrong. But I got a lot of malicious comments even during the 2022 World Cup, during the match between Korea and Ghana."

Sam Okyere confessed that he stopped getting work and was unable to continue working after the controversy. He shared that he went through many difficulties. When asked if he hated Korea, he replied, "If I did, would I be here? I want to live in Korea. I like Korea. I like Korean people. I also have a lot of Korean friends. When I go to restaurants, the restaurant owners at the restaurants treat me well. I learned about 'Jung' (bond) for the first time when I came to Korea."

He continued, "I lived in Korea for 13 years, but I still don't know a lot about Korean society. I realized I shouldn't do things hastily. I realized I should think twice before doing anything and ask around if I don't know. If I were to go back in time, I won't post my writing (about the high school boys). I thought too rashly. Even I was to post again, I would apologize for posting their photos without covering their faces. I want to meet them if I get the chance. I am very apologetic toward them."


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1. This isn't an apology, he just seems like he wants money

2. Please just keep living as a commoner

3. Ah I hate this, he's the one who was being ignorant against Koreans and now he's there wanting to earn money.. 

4. If he's someone who knows how important your image is in Korea, then he shouldn't have spoken this carelessly in the first place. And the timing of his apology is also way too late.. He just looks like a fool 

5. Too late 

6. Jonathan is already taking over everything, there's no more place for you ^____^

7. This has nothing to do with race. If a Korean acted like him, he'd be cancelled too 

8. Aigo he's obsessed with money 

9. I don't want to see this person, stop coming out on broadcast

10. I don't want to see his face on TV ㅠㅠㅠ Why should we let someone like him be able to wash his image??

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