CIX’s agency has denied speculation of bullying within the group.

On February 3, CIX’s agency C9 Entertainment shared, “The rumors of Bae Jin Young being ostracized by his members are not true.”

Recently, posts have been circulating various online communities with speculation that Bae Jin Young is being bullied and excluded by his members. These posts have brought up fans throwing things on stage that have hit Bae Jin Young or shouting the names of other members while he’s speaking, as well as when another CIX member claimed he would use Bae Jin Young as a human shield in the case of a zombie apocalypse.

The issue became bigger when Bae Jin Young’s former Wanna One member Kim Jae Hwan shared a screenshot of a compilation video featuring the aforementioned content to his Instagram Story. To explain this, the singer’s agency commented, “Kim Jae Hwan uploaded this out of sadness that Bae Jin Young had been caught up in this kind of controversy.”

CIX recently wrapped up the European leg of their “Save me, Kill me” world tour and will start touring the United States in March.
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Kim Jaehwan: As a hyung who shared the smae memories as him, should I be able to share this if it makes me upset? ㅎㅋ

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1. This is a bit... unnecessary... personally, I feel like he should've just contacted him

2. There's nothing wrong with sharing it if it upsets himㅇㅇ but he shared a malicious video on his Insta story. Shouldn't he at least correct it?

3. I'm thankful towards Jaehwanie, why the fuss?ㅋ

4. Unnecessary...

5. I think that I'll cry because of how touching this is. We don't know if he contacted him personally and just the fact that he shared about this publicly can give Bae Jinyoung strength. It's not easy for people to show that they are taking your side. I don't think that what Kim Jaehwan did was careless and impulsive

6. Aigo, he must be so sadㅜㅜㅠㅠㅜㅜㅜㅜ

7. Hul... as soon as I saw this I just thought "must he?"...ㅋㅋㅋ

8. He's cool. To be honest, they are not even from the same group and he might be busy trying to make a living and could've stayed quiet too

9. Why is he doing that?

10. He's probably in a position where he can contact Bae Jinyoung directly so he could've shared it after talking to Bae Jinyoung too


C9 Entertainment has shared a statement on CIX’s fan cafe to debunk maliciously edited videos that have led to bullying rumors and announce their intent to take legal action.

They shared, “First of all, we ask for your understanding that it took a lot of time to check the facts more accurately as the incident happened abroad in Europe. We have organized the false content and facts that are being distributed in relation to the specific video filmed in the concert hall.”

The first attached video is the maliciously edited clip of Bae Jin Young during CIX’s concert, which is the one circulating and fuelling the rumors. After, C9 attached a longer and unedited video showing the entire interaction. To explain further, C9 shared, “Contrary to the false information being spread, we can confirm that there was no ostracism against Bae Jin Young. Accordingly, we have requested MyMusicTaste, the tour organizer, to file a civil and criminal lawsuit against the first audience member who maliciously edited and distributed the video.”

Regarding the objects thrown on stage, C9 attached their concert notice of prohibited items which exclusively lists items that are not allowed inside the venue. The agency emphasized, “Before each concert, we strongly requested the organizers proceed with thorough guidance, such as prohibiting the act of throwing objects on stage. In fact, from the first concert, related notices were posted in writing and announced again before the start of the concert.”

Despite the notices, objects were ultimately thrown on stage during multiple shows. C9 shared, “We are holding the organizer responsible for not ejecting the audience member who threw objects at the concert, and we are also demanding stronger measures to prevent recurrence.”

They added that while it’s being distorted that Bae Jin Young was the sole target of these thrown objects, the other members were targeted too. Additionally, they confirmed that the object thrown was not a water bottle but rather things like dolls, bracelets, and slogans.

Circling back to the maliciously edited video of Bae Jin Young, C9 explained that the bullying rumors were being spread with no real evidence. They added that YouTube channels posting related content have been notified to delete the content within a week. If they do not comply, C9 will be taking legal action. C9 elaborated, “Please understand that not immediately proceeding with civil and criminal charges is only in consideration of the fact that we inevitably took time to confirm the exact facts of the case that happened abroad in Europe.”

The agency concluded, “As seen in the above videos and images, this case is a clear criminal act by malicious manipulation. With the members’ trust and friendship as the foundation, CIX is a team that works harder and more diligently than anyone else to achieve their one shared goal. We will continue to do our best so that the members can achieve the goals. We will also do our best for the safety and healthy activities of the members. Please give lots of interest and support to CIX in the future. Once again, we apologize for the fact that it took a considerable amount of time to check the facts more accurately. 

Thank you.”
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1. They should just disband at this point

2. I hope that Jinyoung succeeds, I don't have anything else to say. 

3. Jinyoung-ah, just leave. I don't even know anything about CIX. I just know about Bae Jinyoung. Seriously, this is so sad

4. Uhm.... I'm re-reading this notice again and I feel kinda disappointed... The company has to protect their artists aside for apologizing for the things they can't do... At least, the company should acknowledge and recognize the pain that the member must have experienced from the bullying within the fandom and the seriousness of the problem... If there was a sentence of acknowledgment that the problem existed, people would have been less vocal about this... On the contrary, it seems to be more antagonistic because it ignores all essential problems... 

5. Seems like they don't know that something like this will just divide the fandom even more...

6. I hope that the company sues

7. Wow the company are thugs

8. Huh? So what is the company doing for their artists? They described the situation in such an ambiguous way. They are just saying that there's no issues at all no?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

9. The reason why there was a controversy about bullying was because of that video so you're telling me that it was all made-up... sigh

10. What's the problem here then? If it was all fabricated, then it was all fake. That's all they are saying

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