Recently, an entertainment insider told OSEN, “The appearance/performance contract between the past and present has changed. Until a few years ago, there was no provision for celebrities who committed school violence, but now it has been added.” 

In other words, it means that the celebrity who caused the issue has to make up for the production loss for the production company and the broadcasting company. This is because one celebrity can blow up production costs worth billions to hundreds of billions of won.

After the controversy about the school violence is revealed, the appearance contracts for artists'
"upcoming" or "newly picked" works have changed, but there is still no way to get compensation for works under previous contracts.

A representative of a production company recently told OSEN, “I made such a good movie through hard, hard work, and I am suffering because of these kinds of issues. The damage we suffered is too great. It's giving us a hard time," he said, expressing his upset heart. It is not easy to prove evidence from past events, and even if the court becomes involved, realistically, discussions likes these are likely to take a lot of time. 

However, some of the officials said, “Why did said actor do this in the past? Their acting is so good right now that it's a waste.”

However, we must change our perception that school violence is not an immature prank in childhood. School violence is a terrifying crime that leaves the victim with lifelong scars and trauma.

The tighter appearance contracts are not limited to school violence. All controversies that can create victims, such as drugs, drunk driving, sex crimes, and military service corruption, will also be included.

It is natural for stars who have lost the trust of audiences and viewers to leave the entertainment industry. Maybe that way we can prevent a situation like this one from happening in advance.

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1. Good good, let's get rid of all criminals 

2. Please, it's overdue 

3. Let's include power trip too 

4. But are there really any actors whose acting is so good that it's a shame they committed SV though? Look at the actors we have right now and the ones caught up in a SV scandals are not that great.. 

5. We need to get rid of those SV assailants, DUI offenders and druggies. Why do we always cast them??

6. Shouldn't this be a given?

7. It's such a relief that we're finally changing the entertainment industry... 

8. This is all thanks to the victims gaining the courage to raise their voices.. 

9. ??.. How can they still get work despite their controversies..???

10. I want to stop seeing Nam Joohyun in pictorials ... 

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