HYBE confirmed, “We are continuing to review matters related to the acquisition of shares, including a tender offer regarding SM’s shares. At the time of this statement, nothing has currently been confirmed.”
“In the future, we will re-disclose when specific details regarding this are confirmed, or within a month.”
Cr. Soompi

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1. Why did SM turn out like that.. 

2. But if they do this, SM can't pull all their evil acts against Hybe anymore, don't they hate Hybe?

3. I don't see why Hybe would need to acquire any shares from SM. I rather see SM fail 

4. What the? So it's not a merger, they're just acquiring some stocks no?

5. Acquisition under label (x), because Lee Sooman wants to block Kakao, they're willing to give 18% to Hybe (o) 

6. This is freaking entertaining 

7. SM must be pissed off ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

8. Looks like Bangtan sure are earning a bunch 

9. So if Hybe acquires them, Lee Sooman will be able to live on that 6% all his life?

10. Ah seriously this is just wrong 

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