A male movie star who worked in a number of works such as movies and plays was arrested by the police for causing an accident while driving a car while intoxicated.

[...] On the 14th, Gangnam Police Station in Seoul booked and investigated movie star A in his 40s for violating the Road Traffic Act (driving while intoxicated).

According to the police, A crashed into a traffic light at the southern end of Hannam Bridge in Gangnam-gu, Seoul at around 6:30 am on the same day. At the time of the accident, A's blood alcohol level was reported to be at the level of license revocation.

A was not seriously injured and was immediately taken to the police station for investigation, and the passenger was reportedly transported to a nearby hospital.

Meanwhile, A appeared in several movies, such as The Policeman's Lineage  and Black Money.

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1. Sigh... Seriously these never end

2. I bet the person will be soon revealed 

3. JJW?

4. Someone who played in The Policeman's Lineage and Black Money, might not be a lead either 

5. There's an actor that I like who appeared in both movies... What the... 

6. Ah please if you drink, can you think of not driving after?

7. Who is it again this time.. 

8. F*ck... 

9. Is it "That" person?

10. But they have the same lead in both movies though?? 

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