During their 2 years debut anniversary (nov19) he was omitted from the picture

Even in other commemorial photos, he was left out 

Even on their letters and their selcas, he's left out 

He was also not participating in this year's season's greetings

Even with other members who graduated with him from Hanlim, he was omitted from the picture and from the graduation speech
Even though he's supposed to be taking a halt from promotions, the company's actions are just puzzling and people watching them are all taken aback 

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1. Ah... So they're with Kwansoo 

2. Why are they doing this?? And he iddn't withdraw from the group right??

3. Kwangsoo is Kwangsii 

4. Isn't this guy full of talents too? I don't know what's happening but I hope they can resolve it 

5. Haven't they been planning to kick him out for a while?

6. At this rate, isn't it safe to assume they kicked him out..

7. There's nobody caring for him (even his manager was with the other members) and he went alone to school like that. The school's teacher was actually the one trying to lead him. And looks like a policeman grabbed a taxi for him too 

8. Ha... I just wish Dohyon is happy 

9. What the? Why are they treating him like that when he wasn't kicked out???

10. Isn't it better for them to just kick him out? He's still so young, he's better off leaving Kwangsoo's hands

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