"NCT 127 Taeyong "my waist is in a bad shape.. to the point of having paralysis in the lower half of my body" shocking confession"

"Seeing your hand shake breaks my heart...
I'm so worried about your sick body becoming even worse because of your herniated disc in your neck and back because you've been overexerting yourself with overseas tours and comebacks.
SM-bast*rds, take our Taeyong to the hospital."

These were from today's fancam and you can see his hand shaking

"I wonder if the choreography where he lifts and lowers his leg is painful but he frowned and his hand kept shaking. I'm wondering if they ever even care about their artists"

He was grimacing while shaking his hand

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1. Ouch... is it ok to still be promoting? An unnie I know even took a leave of absence because of her herniated disc

2. No but how the hell do they care for their artists?

3. Hul... this is scary. Isn't this pretty severe...?

4. Hul... the video is shocking... what to do ㅜㅜㅜㅜ

5. He needs his waist for the rest of his life and his disc hasn't even fully recovered yet. Can he even do these choreographies?...

6. If his hand is shaking this much, it must be really severe..... seriously, I want to seriously tell him and force him to go to the hospital..... herniated disc is f*cking painful

7. Hul shocking... it was shaking so much

8. Aigoo... he needs to stop promoting and get treated

9. Wow seeing his hand shake reminds me of an unnie at our dorm at the university academy ㅠㅠ in the end, she had to get surgery and couldn't attend school for 6 months. This is really urgent

10. Hul he said in a fansign that his waist was fine but seems like it's still not fine

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