“We did our best to compete, and now that the program is over, I think it’s time to do our best to understand and forgive each other.”

These are the words of Jung Haemin, who finished runner-up in ‘Physical: 100’, which was released on Netflix and became a global hit. Recently, 'Physical: 100' is suffering from various controversies. There was also an issue of school violence from one of the participants, and there is also controversy over the rematch of the final game. Nevertheless, Jung Haemin, who was the subject of the final controversy, did not say anything until recently.

Jung Haemin said, "What I want is neither first place nor prize money. It's just the truth of the day."

On February 28, Jung Haemin came forward and confessed what happened that day. Jung Haemin said that the PD in charge of "Physical: 100" was inspired by an Instagram post saying, "A lie can be famous, but it can never become the truth." Jung Haemin said, "I think the time has come to reveal my position as one of the parties to the finale, what is false and what is true."

The following is a Q&A.

"I know that many media requested an interview, but I turned them down. But I now comply with the request.

"I was going to take it all in. I even felt sick when I heard that there were criticisms of bicycle racers in the community because of my loss. Still, with the ‘Physical: 100’ program becoming a global box office hit, I thought that even if I felt treated a bit unfairly, if I just kept my mouth shut, I wouldn't become a nuisance to other participants. Then, I gained courage after seeing the suspicions explode. Eventually, on the 26th, when I saw the explanation from the production team that there was no rematch in the finale, I began to think about whether I should express my position. Afterwards, on the morning of the 28th, ‘Physical: 100’ PD said, "I will definitely protect the past year when we dedicated our bodies and sweat. A lie can be famous, but it can never become the truth." I wanted to talk about what is false and what is true from my point of view."

(T/N: original post cuts here so here's what he said after - CR: Straights Times)

He claimed that the final showdown was halted midway by Woo, who was trailing Jung. Woo said the equipment was making a lot of noise and while there were no problems found after checking, the production team added lubricant and oiled the machines.

The match then resumed, Jung recalled, but just when he could see that he was about to win, the production team again halted the game and asked to move to a different location.

“When I thought to myself, ‘This is the end’, the production team called to stop the match again, but I kept pulling on the rope first to end the match,” he said.

He recounted he was told that “there’s a problem with the audio so we can’t use the video footage for the show. As long as you’re okay with (a rematch), we will shorten your rope and start again.”

Jung said he tried to refuse starting a third time, adding: “I kept repeating that I’ve used up all my strength and can’t do it again.”

However, in the end, he gave in as the alternative was for the cast and crew, numbering in the hundreds, to return the next day to film.

“Back then, I felt a sort of pressure that the rematch could not be helped, even if I had continued to say no. My head was filled with the thought, ‘Am I not allowed to win this?’,” he said.

“We re-entered the arena and the rope was wrapped around the spool once more like before. They told me that they would cut the rope by as much as I had been in the lead, but I don’t know if they did. The rumours online claimed that the equipment was faulty. I don’t know if that was the case or if I had no strength left, but the rope wouldn’t budge. I lost,” he said.

However, he reiterated that he was not looking for a rematch or another chance at the prize money of 300 million Korean won (S$306,000), but would like the editing of the finale to reflect how the events actually played out.

He also stated that he did not want people to attack Woo, who has so far been silent on social media.

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1. Huh? What the? He was totally unfairly treated ㅠㅠ we're talking about 300 million won here...

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3. If I were him, I'd be f*cking pissed ㅠㅠㅠ Of course the person who won would agree with a rematch. At first, this guy was overwhelmingly winning but seeing how they wanted him to fall behind with a rematch... no but just the fact that they had to halt the finale because of some noise was already weird enough

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5. Crazy, this is totally a rigged show

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9. If this is true, it's way too much? If you start a match illegally at the Olympics or international games once or more, you're disqualified because you're penalizing the other athletes;; What's up with them making them rematch twice?

10. Wow... how is this real;;;;;; He must be f*cking frustrated;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

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