Shim Euddeum 

Hwang Bityeoul

Jang Eunsil

Park Minji

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1. I also need to start working out...

2. Euddeum is seriously my wannabe... She's even cooler after knowing that she was able to achieve these proportions and strength just through working out

3. The fact that they manage themselves is so cool

4. Too cool

5. Those are cool bodies, all of them are impressive

6. Park Minji is the one who competed with a man in the 1:1 match right? I found her so cool. It was a shame that she was eliminated on the first round but she was the most memorable to me

7. Wow... I'm seriously jealous of their bodies

8. I'm a fellow woman but I feel like I'll fall for them. They are seriously cool ㅠㅠㅠ

9. Shim Euddeum does pilates and her frame is pretty small so I was doubting her when she appeared on Physical: 100. But her mental strength was daebak and seeing how she lifted over 100 kg made me realize how strong she was

10. Nowadays, I don't find skinny muscles cool but I find those healthy muscles that you achieve through exercising so cool ㅠㅠ

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