Carat bong, the new Carat bong and the new-new Carat bong

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1. ㅜ he original one was the prettiest ..

2. I liked hologram so I like the 2nd one the most

3. The diamong is slowly showing itselfㅎㅎ pretty

4. I still think that the first one was the prettiest

5. They aren't just changing the design but they are also making it impossible to link the previous bong and I hate it.. It's a pressure to keep on buying the bongs... seriously, these entertainment companies are so mean

6. It kinda looks like BP and Monsta X's bongs now?

7. Wow all 3 are so pretty

8. But I kinda feel like Seventeen's fanclub color is slowly disappearing... what a shame. I think that the 2nd one was the prettiest

9. The first one looks the most like Seventeen and is the prettiest

10. I find the 2nd one the prettiest

11. I like the first one the most^^...

12. The fact that they stopped linking the bongs is freaking too much... they are straight up forcing us to get the new one

13. First one is the prettiest

14. It looks too much like the BP bong 

15. The black is ruining the moodㅜㅜ the first and second ones were way prettier

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