There is also a possibility that singers whose contract renewal is imminent will move to a new agency in opposition to HYBE, the acquiring company. In fact, there are rumors that some SM singers have already started contacting agencies.

A representative from the entertainment industry said, "Idols who are already well-known do not have a clear reason to stay in SM in the future, and there is a high possibility that they will find small and medium-sized agencies that support individual activities and have an advantage in terms of profit distribution. Most of the artists who stayed at SM for a long time will not be happy with the situation where the company gets absorbed by other large agency."

On the other hand, some analysts say that the departure of artists will not be a big problem. Park Da-gyeom, a researcher at Hi Investment & Securities, positively said, "Currently, the main intellectual property (IP) that feeds SM are NCT and aespa. If these two teams are secured, there is no big problem with the corporate value at the moment, and the potential of new rookies to be introduced remains."

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1. I feel like HYBE would be even happier if they left

2. No but what is this bullsh*t?

3. Do you guys really think that these idols can't generate revenues??? EXO's Baekhyun is going on a world tour all by himself right now; do you know how long they've been working in the industry? They are 9 years, 11 years and 15 years old respectively;;

4. To be honest, if I only look at the cold facts aren't Shinee and EXO one of the core players here? Shinee's Japanese fandom and EXO's international fandom are solid. Once they make a comeback, i will be no joke

5. What the... All those groups are good earners here

6. You're telling me that this is an actual article? Sigh...

7. If they leave, nobody's gonna care about them anymore

8. But isn't it better for the teams if they left? They can have better profit division and they can go in the direction they want in terms of album, promotions, etc... It can't be helped. If their contract is coming to an end, they can do anything they want

9. Trash journalists are just writing their delusions now

10. I think that it will be fine if they left though? They can focus on their main products while fostering rookies

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