1/6 Super Junior - The Road (full album)
1/16 GOT the beat - Stamp On It (mini)
1/25 Yesung - Seonsory Flows (full album)
1/30 NCT 127 - Ay-Yo (repackage)

2/13 Key - Killer (repackage)
2/27 Yesung - Floral Sense (special)

Onew (full album)
Kai (mini)
Taeyeon (mini)

NCT unit promotion (mini)
aespa (full album)

Shinee (full album)
NCT solo promotion (mini)

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1. Seems like DBSK won't comeback until the second half of the year

2. I feel like we'll see SungSho in the NCT unit??? Ah, I bet it's them. It's gonna be summer

3. Taeyeon-ah~~~

4. Give us EXO. Give us Baekhyun too... Baekhyun... I've been waiting for his comeback like a dog you SM-f*ckers

5. Hul Shinee in May...!!!!

6. What the? Wasn't EXO supposed to come back in April..? Why are they pushing it back so much... Wasn't it supposed to be EXO - Shinee - Super Junior?

7. It's the first NCT unit and solo album so I'm looking forward to it. Come faster๐Ÿ’š

8. Shinee!! Please make them work a lot!! Make them do everything!!

9. Release EXO. We barely have much time left ใ… ใ… 

10. If they aren't giving us EXO now, we won't have time anymore ใ… 

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