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1. In regards to WayV, SuperM, and aespa's global distribution, SM signed contracts with Chinese and American labels. Normally, SM and the local labels should divide the profits first and then provide the rest of the royalty to LIKE Management (Lee Sooman's company). But LIKE received 6% of the profit BEFORE SM divided the overall profits with the local labels. 

2. The National Tax Service didn't authorize this suspicious process. so SM had to pay tens of hundreds of billion won of tax. 

3. Then LSM made a foreign version of LIKE Management in Hong Kong called CT Planning Limited in 2019 to avoid tax payment. 

4. HYBE signed a contract with LSM and affirmed that LSM will not engage in domestic producing but will continue to work on international production in the next 3 years. Why? Is HYBE aware of CTP or not? 

5. In December 2022, right before LSM ended his contract with SM, he ordered SM not to announce any plans on SM production. In January 2023, he ordered the followings: 

1) Release a media statement that the artists need LSM. 
2) Tell the employees that you (Lee Sungsoo) need LSM. 
3) Authorize LSM's activity in the company by signing provisional advisory contract between LSM and SM. 
4) Directly sign contracts with CTP (LSM's overseas company) when all artists produce albums overseas. 
5) Or, sign another contract with LSM in Korea. 
6) Make a reactionary taskforce for LSM even if it costs 10 billion won. 
7) Seek a way to decrease the sales of SM without LSM in the first quarter of 2023 
8) Once the albums prepared in December are released, delay the release of other albums that are planned to be released in Feb-March 2023 to April. 

6. SM signed a contract with LSM to offer 6% of the royalty and 3% of management sales for the next 70 years, which reach up to 80 billion won. 

7. Lee Sungsoo determined to reform the company and disconnect all the contracts and relationships between SM and LSM. 

8. [Transcription of LSM's remark: This is such a great chance. You've got the chance to show "Oh, he's clearly my loyal subject." but if you make a wrong choice, in an indecisive attitude, then they (SM employees) will be divided into those who think I (LSM) don't belong here, and those who agree to me. But if you (LSS) tell them that you need me, those who claim that I don't belong here should leave the company. This is such a simple game. If you wrongly think, "What if I go to jail, pay tax and penalty because I insisted that he should stay?" I will pay you. Don't worry. I will tell everyone. Who will pay for you? I will. You don't have that much money. The market is, even if you go to hell, you need to stand clearly. You need to stand by me. You need to clearly show the employees this time. Even if you leave. That's how you go to a good place. That's why I hire you. The employees are also confused, after you said "We gotta think about it." (They think,) "So is he saying we need Mr. Lee or not? Is he really his cousin? Did he become a CEO by himself, not by Mr. Lee? If this kind of person becomes a CEO of our company, what should we do? Should we follow him?" Clearly show your position if you want to do so. Tell me first that "I don't need you!" Otherwise, your answer is "I need Mr. Lee." It's a simple answer. You don't even have to choose among 4, you just choose from 2 choices. There's nothing ambiguous. It shall not be ambiguous." 

9. LSM continued to sign MOU with various global companies and cities under the slogan of smart entertainment city, music city and started to promote sustainability and tree planting. Tree planting was combined with global K-pop festival. In fact it was connected with LSM's real estate business and most critically, his ambition of casino business. he further plans to legalize marijuana so that people can fully enjoy K-pop festivals. Remember, the main consumers are those in their teens and twenties. 

10. Does HYBE know about all these or not? 

11. aespa's comback delay is related to LSM's sustainability project. LSM urged all artists to add "tree planting" in their lyrics. He also urged aespa to add "just sustainability" "decrease 1 degree" "co-existence" and even "tree planting," words that do not align with aespa's persona. Lee Sung-soo begged and begged again to at least remove the lyric "tree planting". [from JoongAng Daily: "The lyrics contained words such as 'Just sustainability, bringing down the temperature, co-habitation, Greenism,' which made aespa members so sad that they filled up with tears," he continued. "We co-CEOs could not stand by with a content that no one agreed with and decided to cancel it for aespa's sake."]

12. LSS couldn't put up with this anymore and is exposing all of this here. 

13. Upcoming: LSS's phone call with Bang Si hyuk on Feb 10, 2023...

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1. Looks like he's really getting senile, why is he acting like that?

2. This gives me goosebumps and Bang Sihyuk is just the same. Birds of a feather 

3. The content of it is so shocking, this looks like some pseudo-religion... Seriously the employees are freaking suffering 

4. aespa babies, seriously what crime did they commit? This is so upsetting... 

5. It really feels like a cult ㄷㄷㄷㄷ

6. I was wondering what was wrong with his plans of planting trees, but it turns out to be marijuana?;; 

7. Hul this is shocking 

8. The more you peel Lee Soo Man the more you realize how impressive he isㅋㅋ

9. Bang Sihyuk and Lee Soo Man need to flop 

10. Crazy. I don't care about the other things but a casino and marijuana is crossing the line 


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1. [+126, -2]
Of course nobody would've expected that he was planning to build a casino and grow marijuana from his tree planting right.. 

2. [+120, -2]
Lee Sooman is a cult 

3. [+102, -8]
Summary: aespa is suffering a blow from those whales' fight 

4. [+88,- 1]
Kwangya was just real estate afterall f*ck ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+86, -4]
They pushed aespa's full album not because of GOT the Beat but Lee Sooman...ㅜ

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