[enter-talk] AREN'T YOU TIRED OF IVE?

I'm so tired of their styling... They are all so pretty? But it's true that the members are so pretty that it makes me wonder if styling even matters since everything they wear match them like a glove but their stylings are all too similar so I'm kinda fed up. Rei always has that same skirt... Wonyoung's pants... Leeseo's outerwear that covers her arms.. Gaeul and Yujin's off-the-shoulder top.. At first, I thought that these outfits were part of IVE's unique vibe but they performed in the same outfits even for their cover stages. There's no excitement in looking at their outfits anymore. Even so, I watch them because they look pretty but I hope that they would wear something different

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1. [+47, -6]
But aren't IVE's outfits all really similar? A crop top and a skirt... or jeans.. I wanna see them wearing something different too

2. [+34, -9]
They wore so many different outfits during their year end stagesㅋㅋ what are you saying?

3. [+30, -15]
You're pretending like you're hating on them but are actually praising them

4. [+27, -3]
Maybe because they had the princess-concept for all 3 albums

5. [+27, -3]
But for the outfits in OP's post, maybe they are dressing the members in a way that compliments their body shape the best and are covering up Wonyoungie because she's too skinny?

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