[enter-talk] BTS VALUE IS INSANE

The moment they started their individual promotions, they're all taken by someone 

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1. [+86, -3]
Oh and Kim Seokjin with Thom Browne

2. [+73, -3]
Bottega never had a single ambassador, Namjoon is Bottega's first ambassador!! 

3. [+49, -5]
It's simple yet heavy, it's also polished even when the youth wears it. Valentino is soft yet cool, it's perfect for Suga

4. [+48, -5]
The entire group are the first group ambassador for LV and once their individual activities started, J-hope became their ambassador. Personally I thought it was daebak that he was announced like that right before enlisting. But you can tell that he definitely suits their extravagant style 

5. [+46, -2]
I feel like your height is important for Bottega Veneta's imageㅎㅎ Namjoonie's proportions are good so he totally suits them. They don't usually use celebrity ambassadors and Namjoon is their first one 

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