In a group, there's usually the most popular member who takes up all the fans while 1-2 members are inevitably alienated but all 4 of them really seem like they are all at the top which is fascinating. They all have that center-member vibe.

Every time a member comes out with a solo, they beat the previous member's record, Moreoever, Lisa's the most followed celebrity of our country and the 4 of them are all lined up as the most followed celebrities of our country..

It's interesting how all four match luxury clothing and beauty brands too
How can these 4 be in one team...

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1. [+87, -5]
I also find them fascinating and that's why having another group like them in the future will be so difficult.. that's just a fact

2. [+61, -6]
I've seen so many groups where there was one member who was overwhelmingly more popular than other members but have barely seen any case where all the members were so successful

3. [+58, -9]
There is no other group where all the members are the top other than BP. Usually, there is some gap between the popular and unpopular member but it's not the case in CP. It's true that it's fascinating how they are all the top

4. [+56, -4]
I think that Lisa will reach 100 million followers this year

5. [+45, -7]
I think that they are the Avengers group

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