Are these 4 not aging?.....
They are slowly looking younger and getting prettier
These are unedited screencaps too....

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1. [+25, -6]
Nowadays, the trolls are all saying that Jennie got ugly and are making a huge fuss but it's all bullsh*t. No matter how you screencap that unedited video, she still looks like a doll, is just as pretty as before and still looks just as charming. Even the other BP members are all pretty. BP who are still sweeping through the CFs now, fighting

2. [+14, -1]
Male idols get called "pretty boys" so severely for their faces and bodies all the time but only BP gets hateㅋ but then you guys get a seizure when people say that a woman is another woman's biggest enemy

3. [+11, -3]
Jisoo's face is crazy

4. [+11, 0]
Seems like BP shot a CF for Korean Air

5. [+9, -1]
They are slowly getting prettier and their auras are standing out more. If you haters hate on them, it will just turn back on you while BP will just get even prettier

6. [+6, -1]
Freaking pretty. Seriously, they managed themselves so hard on their hiatus so I don't understand why they are getting hate

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